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PLAGUE are the current HHI World Hip Hop Dance Champions 2011.

Plague was formed in 2000 and featured an original lineup of five dancers, including current choreographer and lead dancer BROOKE MILLINER

Having won numerous dance events in the UK including the UK StreetDance Championships, Plague were the first UK crew to head over to the USA to compete in the Hip Hop International World Championships where their stunning display blew away the rest of the field and they were crowned as World Champions in 2005.

Six years on and Plague are Now 4x UK Champions and current Hip Hop International World Champions for the second time after flying out to Las Vegas to compete at Hip Hop International for the first time since their 2005 win. This is an achievement that no other crew has matched!

One of the most respected streetdance crews on the planet, Plague's identity can be defined as a combination of amazing, unique choreography blended with a wealth of skill and ability in numerous dance styles from each individual member of the group.

They have been a huge inspiration, not just to other dance groups, but also to the rapidly growing popularity of the streetdance movement here in the UK.

Some of Plague's credits include major performances such as the Beijing Olympics 2008, Cirque du Soleil, Breakin Convention, Royal Variety Show to name just a few.

They offer high impact and tightly choreographed group performances for shows & events worldwide.

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  • HHI World Hip Hop Dance Championships 2011 (1st Place)
  • B-Boy Championships World Finals 2011
  • Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 2010
  • Adidas Fashion Show 2010
  • BBC's Move Like Michael Jackson
  • MJ Timeless Show


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ProDance featured artists

Brooke Milliner

Brooke Milliner

Delphine \'DeyDey\' Nguyen

Delphine 'DeyDey' Nguyen

Gianna Gi

Gianna Gi

Juan David \'Spin\' Gaviria

Juan David 'Spin' Gaviria

Junior Bosila Banya

Junior Bosila Banya

Laura \'Nala\' Defretin

Laura 'Nala' Defretin

Marcio de Barros

Marcio de Barros

Nicholas \'Marvel\' Stephen

Nicholas 'Marvel' Stephen

Roxanne \'Roxy\' Milliner

Roxanne 'Roxy' Milliner

Salah Benlemqawanssa

Salah Benlemqawanssa

Stephanie \'Lil Steph\' Nguyen

Stephanie 'Lil Steph' Nguyen

Sunni Brummitt

Sunni Brummitt