ProDance Artists Featured In The New AlunaGeorge Video

Brooke Milliner choreographs the new AlunaGeorge music video

Set in an art gallery, the video for British duo AlunaGeorge's new single showcases the incredible specialised skills of some of our dancers in an environment that beautifully highlights the intricacies of the popping, animation and robotic dance styles.

Directed by the talented Henry Schofield and choreographed by our very own BROOKE MILLINER, the theme of the video plays on the emotional tension between Aluna & George which is highlighted through the glitched and broken movements of the dancers. The choreography and camera movement cleverly picks up on many of the underlying rhythms and sounds in the brilliantly produced track. In addition, the slow motion and animated movements encapsulates Aluna's soft vocals and mesmerising melodies.

ProDance artists featured in this video are BROOKE, MARVEL, SHAWN, DICKSON, CATHY, GREENTECK, & RIKOSHAY & DJIDAWI.

Watch it on youtube here:
"AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love"

The single is due for release on October 15th 2012.

ProDance Artists Featured In The New AlunaGeorge Video